Thank you so much for your financial support, helping me to attend the 2019 Hyannis Yacht Club Regatta at Hyannis Yacht Club in Hyannis, Massachusetts. I attend along with my skipper Sophia Devling in the c420 fleet with our coach Mike Pinckney.

Unfortunately the boat we planned to use for the regatta was part of the illegal c420s that were not allowed to race. However we were lucky enough for Christchurch to have an extra boat to charter to us. We spent our first day in Massachusetts rigging the new boat. We didn’t let not being to use our boat get us down.

The first day of the regatta was very light. We had to have a lot of focus to keep the boat moving. We learned some very important lessons and overall had a good day. The next day was very similar conditions to the first day. We continued to focus on boat speed in the light wind and used the lessons that we had learned the day before. The last day of the regatta was very different conditions for the rest of the event. It was about 13 to 15 knots. It was a nice change from the days before sitting in the bottom of the boat.

Overall we finished the regatta in 21st. This regatta was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. Thank you so much for your continued support!