Grant Requests


Those who are interested in obtaining funding for competitive sailing, seamanship or maritime science events, regattas, clinics or activities are encouraged to apply for support using the appropriate funding request forms below. The Foundation leadership reviews funding requests, and at its discretion, may elect to grant funding to those whose needs are consistent with the objectives of the Foundation.

Junior Sailing Funding Requests

The Grant Committee reviews funding applications and makes its recommendations for the use of funds set aside for the purposes of supporting youth sailors in important competitions and educational events.

The Grant Committee estimates and budgets requirements for funding on an annual basis, examines each request for funds to ensure that funds are properly used and properly apportioned among the competing elements of the junior sailing needs, and presents its recommendations to the Foundation Board for approval.

The Grant Committee convenes each month and will review funding requests in conjunction with their regular meetings. Optionally, the Grant Committee Chair may elect to hold funding review meetings via other means including conference call or e-mail for the purposes of expediting funding requests. Participation of at least three members shall constitute a quorum.

To request funding for a junior sailing event, complete this Funding Application and return to BYC, attention Junior Activities Chairman, or email to at least 30 days prior to your event.

Non-Junior Sailing Funding Requests

The Foundation may elect to support adult-level competitive events, clinics, regattas and maritime activities within its mission. To obtain funding for these events, complete this application, and forward directly to the Foundation.

Other Funding Requests

Within its mission, the Foundation may elect to support other competitive, community-based or educational activities which are directly related to promoting seamanship or the maritime sciences. To request funding for these types of events, please contact the Foundation directly.

NOTE: Grant recipients are required to submit event reports no later than 30 days after a funded event. Failure to submit reports in a timely manner may result in suspension of any future grants, at the discretion of the Grant Committee.