Thank you so much for the grant that allowed me to travel to Buzzards Bay this summer. Along the way I encountered some unexpected surprises. Two days before the event my crew, Wynslow, raced into her house, tripped and broke her wrist. After going through my contacts, I was able to find a friend to crew last minute. Michael Fineman, one of my good friends, was able to crew for me. We had one practice day before the regatta. On the first day of the regatta we placed 4th and 8th out of the 80 boats in our flight. Unfortunately, some of the boats did not round a certain mark so the PRO decided to throw out both races on the first day. The next day Michael and I were consistently top 6 in our flight, moving us into 12th place overall. After racing that day, we moved up, as other boat’s score changed and were in 9th place. Thankfully we did not have a throw out.

The last day was very light and the race committee delayed racing for a few hours. We were only able to race two races that day. Which was perfect for us as we had a good first race and a not so good second race. After all the races and scores were finalized, we managed to stay in 9th place overall out of 150 boats. Thank you again for the grant that allowed me to travel to the Buzzards Bay Regatta. I had a great time and was able to see many of my East Coast sailing friends.