On June 12, parents and friends of Balboa Yacht Club junior sailors gathered well before the crack of dawn in front of Minney’s Yacht Surplus to sell three truckloads of “yachting treasures” donated by BYC members to support the Junior Sailing Fund at BYC MSSF. The event is hosted by Ernie Minney, who graciously donates a prime location to the BYC juniors at his annual Swap Meet then steps in after the event to buy up the remaining items.

The Bilge Bazaar is not to be missed as swap meet vendors line Newport Blvd early in the morning, and are greeted by hundreds of bargain-hunting boaters looking to score that perfect yachting treasure.

A big thanks to Art Mitchell, Steve Kent, Rob Vandervort, Nancy Davidson, Mel & Priscilla Redmond, Becky Lenhart and Katie Tinder for their help on the sales floor, and to Rowell Greene for his role as chief merchandiser and pricer the day before the event. And a huge thanks to all who donated their nautical wares to help make this year’s event a big success for the Foundation’s Junior Sailing Fund!