I went to St Petersburg, FL to sail in the Valentine’s Day regatta at SPYC. This was a USOD qualifying race for team trails, that will be held at SPYC later this spring. We had really good wind on Saturday and my hiking was really good the first race of the day. I had a 36 in the first race out of 239 in gold fleet. Unfortunately, this didn’t hold.

My second race was ok, but I had my worst race, and the one I would need to drop in the last. On Sunday we woke up to gusts in the high 40 knots. We were held on land will periodic updates. They called the day at 1pm and that was it game over. I didn’t get to drop my worst score and was out of the number I needed to go to Opti team trials. But I walked away knowing I needed to work on my strength and stamina for hiking in heavy wind, but I also knowing I had come a long way in that regard as well. I asked my mom if I could try to qualify at one more event. so fingers crossed it goes well there and I do get to go to team trials. Thank you so much for supporting my efforts, I love this sport so much!