I left Virginia and flew north to Massachusetts to compete in the New England Championship which were held in South Dartmouth at t he New Bedford YC. This was a three day regatta where we stayed in the flight selections throughout the races. They were reshuffled at the end of every day. I got to stay in the same fleet every day which was first out and first in. On the first day we were help on land as there was severe weather that was moving towards us. We waited around for a couple of hours before the storm hit and when it hit it hit hard ! The rain was coming down in buckets I heard it waster 2” in an hour and a half ! Everything was flooding and there was even a tornado watch in effect! We had to take our sails down for safety. The storm passes over in about 2 hours the sun came out and we launched about noon. The storm took all the wind with it and I didn’t have a very good race because I struggled to get up on the line. The wind completely shifted for the 2nd race and there was lots of it. I had an amazing start, controlled the right and the left and got a top 10! The second day it was almost completely left favored and I had super good races except for the last race where it was super shifty. Anything could have happened; I stuck with the middle left and got top fifteen. Anything I could have done was going to be risky, but I feel like I still should have done better in that race. On the third and final day the wind was unpredictable, it would be left and then randomly g right. My races consisted of top twenties because I took a few risks that din’t pay off. Overall I finished 41st out of 176 kids this was in the top 25% which gave me my third qualification for team trials.

Thank you so much for funding me to go I had so much fun and I avery happy with y results.