420 Nationals was a delightful experience and I appreciate the help from the foundation in making it happen. This was my first time in Chicago, Illinois. The part of the city we were staying in was beautiful and had lots of things to do around it. There were good restaurants and some of these places served deep dishes, which I tried, and it was amazing.

The sailing on Lake Michigan was interesting, to say the least. The lake was choppy, choppier than I’d ever seen before, and it was really hard to sail through. Also, the whole regatta the wind was super light except for one hour of ten knots. These conditions made for some challenging sailing, but a good opportunity to learn. My skipper and I had never sailed in conditions so choppy and light, so we learned a lot. The Chicago Yacht Club was a very welcoming place, and all the volunteers were very nice. My experience in Chicago sailing C420 Nationals was awesome. I learned a lot at this event and was able to connect with new people. I am very thankful for the opportunity to sail this regatta and the foundation’s support is much appreciated!