Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to sail in the C420 North American Championship. This was my first C420 regatta with my skipper and we both learned a lot. The venue allowed us to see wind that we had not seen before. The wind was not constant. It was puffy and there were a lot of shifts. Some of the issues we encountered while sailing was the fact, we kept flipping the boat due to high wind or waves hitting the boat which made me slip and fall into the water. I became much better at changing my pins out on the water, even in 22 knots of wind. My favorite part of this regatta was being with my family. My dad took my sister and I two days early to practice. The extra practice helped a lot. My coach (Will Brown) was also my coach back east for the C420 New England regatta and he really helped me with how to use my controls correctly and how to be stable downwind. Overall it was a great experience for me and I would love to come back again.