Thank you so much for the grant that allowed me to go to the C420 North Americans. It was 6 days of very windy weather. We had two practice days prior to the regatta starting. Practice days were not very long as our coaches did not want to tire us out. North Americans was a very eventful regatta. On our last practice day our gooseneck block bent and the ring that holds the shroud snapped. It was a long day after that point. We had to replace both rings on our boat that hold the shrouds so they would be even. We took out the gooseneck because we were afraid that bending it back would break it. So we put in new rivets to hold our new gooseneck on the mast.

The next day, Wynslow and I decided to head out to the race course a bit early for the first day of racing. We met up with our coach and while tacking to get up to him our gooseneck rips off our mast and our boom starts swinging everywhere. Our coach rushed us to the dock and my dad was there with the F1 formula team on standby. We ended up having to replace the mast and got back on the water just in time for the start. Thankfully the race before us had 3 general recalls. This was a wonderful experience for me as well as my crew Wynslow. The teams flew in from all over North America. Overall, we had a great time.